Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A trucker posted a video of an accident he had with a car that got too close to him on a freeway in Connecticut and gave the driver a warning that seriously meant life or death. He told the driver to learn to “show us some respect” while driving on the road.

“Give us room to work, stay away from our rear and sides and front,” the trucker, who goes by Wolfy77 on Live Leak, wrote. “That BIG space we have in front of us, is for US to be able to stop in time, NOT for you to pull into. Show us some respect, because your life, and the lives of your loved ones depend on it!”

The truck driver also reminded the driver of the car that they are going to lose to 80,000 pound rig. It can destroy a car and the people who are riding in it. He wanted to remind the driver of cars that you have to allow yourself enough room to pass in front of a big rig.

However, the driver of the car has a few things to say as well…

“F*** this condescending truck driver, dragging the line in the fast lane like HE OWNS it,” one person wrote. “He’s all offended when others have to get somewhere using HIS WORKPLACE. Give me a break, he’s the passive-aggressive one, probably not letting peeps pass ’cause ‘I’m 80,000 pounds, look out, here I come, I’m very important, Walmart needs this cat food.’ Move that POS rig to the right and stay there moron.”

While they both provide valid points it is important to remember that safety should be the number one priority especially when there are big rigs on the road.

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