Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was cleared by a Grand Jury in the shooting of black teen Mike Brown. Regardless, race rioters around the nation have made it their mission to demonize Wilson and ruin his life.

Since the shooting, Wilson had to resign from his position and go into hiding… Even though he did nothing wrong as far as the law is concerned.

Given the disgusting treatment of Wilson, it was a great surprise for him to receive a very special gift from an anonymous woman.

The woman, who is worried about her safety so chose to keep her identity anonymous, started an organization called “Support Officer Darren Wilson.” So far, the group has raised an astounding $1 MILLION. The funds have come from donations from around the nation.

Wilson will be able to use the money to protect himself and his family.

Given the negative media attention surrounding the Mike Brown shooting, Wilson will unlikely be able to find work for a while. However, he still needs to pay for around-the-cock security to keep himself and his family safe.

Thank god for the anonymous woman’s generosity.

The Daily Mail reported:

The woman who founded the movement to support Darren Wilson has spoken out and revealed that the Ferguson police officer could have a $1 million war chest.
The supporter said that she knew of at least $500,000 from two donation funds set up in his name but that was a ‘conservative estimate’ – and the total could be seven figures.[…]

She declined to give her name for fear of reprisals and revealed that she had been subject to a torrent of ‘vile’ online abuse.

He has not incurred huge legal fees as his lawyers were all from the police force union and the force is likely to have covered the cost of hiding him until the grand jury verdict was announced.

Wilson’s war chest will probably be used to pay for additional security in the months and years ahead as he and wife Barbara Spradling, who has a child from a previous relationship and is pregnant with his baby, will be unable to work for some time and may have to relocate.

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