Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A father was walking with his young daughter in a Dallas Walmart when he suddenly noticed a pervert taking inappropriate pictures of her. Enraged, the no-nonsense father decided to confront the coward.

The video begins with the father screaming at the man before turning to the camera to explain what happened.

“He had the flash on, walking around… and then as soon as he walked past my daughter, he took a picture of her,” the father claimed, according to Daily Mail. The father went on to say that the man then deleted the photo when he was caught.

“That’s why you are shaking like a leaf like that because I saw what I saw and you are shaking because you lied,” the livid father said. “That is what it is.”

The father added that the pervert is “almost having a heart attack…because I busted him.”

“You are lucky I am not going to bust you more because otherwise I am going to be arrested,” the father yelled as security intervened.

It’s unclear whether or not the pervert was arrested after this incident. Do you think he should be in jail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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