Thursday, September 24, 2015

A popular British television host is in hot water this week after he said something about Obama that liberals are saying was “racist.”

According to Daily Mail, host Matt Frei said President Obama was “smiling like a split watermelon” when he met with Pope Francis last night. Watermelons are sometimes considered a symbol of racism against African Americans in the U.S., but Frei says that he was not aware of this.

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“I apologise to those upset by my description of President Obama’s smile on tonight’s programme,” he said after the scandal hit. “It was intended as an entirely innocent phrase that apparently has a history I simply wasn’t aware of. Honestly no offence intended.”

Frei’s apology, however, did little to stop the growing backlash from liberals.

“I’m sorry, did Channel 4 News just say Obama was ‘smiling like a split watermelon’? WTF. No. Just no. How does that get past editorial?!” British former NBA player John Amaechi wrote on Twitter.

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“It was very offensive! You spent years in America. Ridiculous!” wrote Meredith Wheeler. “Ask yourself, would you have said President Bush smiled like a split watermelon!? Really shameful. The truth will out.”

Later, Amaechi returned to Twitter to say that Frei really didn’t mean to be racist.

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It’s sickening that yet another person’s career could be ruined just for saying something “racist” about Obama. Many Americans don’t even know that the word “watermelon,” has racial undertones, so how is a British person supposed to know that??

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