Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vanity Fair released their annual “powers that be” list this week, and being the power-hungry maniac that she is, Hillary Clinton undoubtedly assumed she would be at the top. Unfortunately for her, she turned out to be very wrong.

According to Daily Mail, it was Taylor Swift who topped the list. Hillary didn’t even come close to beating out the 25 year-old singer, as she came in ninth place.


“Swift isn’t merely the world’s favourite popstar, putting up sales numbers that are nearly unfathomable in the post-Napster age – she is also using her platform to make giant companies conform to her will,” Swift’s entry in the magazine read.

After pulling her catalogue off Spotify last year, Swift wrote an open letter to Apple asking it to pay artists during the free-trial period of its new music service,” it continued. “She posted the note on Tumblr on a Sunday and the company complied within hours.”

We’re happy to see that Swift beat out Hillary for this!

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