Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The big question in every Republican’s mind still remains: who won the debate?

The mainstream media believes that it was Fox News, but Rush Limbaugh believes that Fox News was actually the loser in this debate. Limbaugh along with other conservatives are starting to believe that Fox News is losing their credibility. But no one saw it coming quite before Limbaugh did.

Limbaugh stated, “Everybody should have known this was going to happen.This is presidential politics, and Republican candidates are where media people score their points. It’s where they establish their credentials.”

Limbaugh also spotted another possible motivation for the tough-guy antics of the moderators of the debate. He believes that the big wigs of the GOP told Fox to purposely take out Trump.

He continued to tell his listeners that on the day of the date he had heard from a source “that big-time Republican donors had ordered to take out Donald Trump in the debate last night.”

Limbaugh also stated that, “We all made a mistake. We assumed that the orders went out to the candidates. But the candidates did not make one move toward taking Donald Trump out. The broadcast network did; the candidates didn’t.”

He also said that he believed that Fox News had it in for Trump because they were given a number of opportunities to take out the front-runner but did no such thing.

Not only did Fox News target Trump, according to Limbaugh, but they were also seeking out some respect and love from the liberals as well as the media with the attacks they made on Republican candidates during the debate.

According to Limbaugh there were various media sources who raved about the Fox moderators’ performance such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC.

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