Friday, September 25, 2015

Tim Allen is a hilarious actor who has never been afraid to express his conservative views. Last night, he appeared on Hannity, and took the opportunity to defy liberal Hollywood once again.

“I’m what they call ‘fiscal conservative,’” Allen said proudly, according to Conservative Tribune.“I like problem-solving. And problem-solving usually originates from my family. There were nine kids and a single mom for a while and a lot of it was, ‘How are you going to pay for this?’ My family is all about that. ‘How you going to pay for that? Any idea?'”

Allen went on to say that he is a lot like his character on the sitcom Last Man Standing, who is also a conservative who enjoys poking fun at Obama and his minions. Frustrated with the liberal world he lives in, Allen’s character has a video blog which he uses to express his opinions on climate change, the bloated government and political correctness.

Allen told Hannity that he likes saying provocative things to make people think about a conservative views. However, he said he also enjoys doing this in a sitcom format, because no other show on television is doing that right now. The comedian admitted that network executives sometimes get mad at him when he “goes too far.” One of these times was when he called Obama a communist, but Allen doesn’t seem to care too much about what the liberal executives think.

“I do push the button a little bit too hard sometimes,”Allen admitted gleefully.

We LOVE that Allen has the guts to push conservative values in television. Never change, Tim!

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