Thursday, September 10, 2015

Donald Trump called into the failing liberal talk show The View on Thursday morning, and things quickly got messy between him and cohosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

Goldberg began by berating Trump on his immigration stances, pointing out to him that his own wife is an immigrant.

“Your stance on immigration is a little testy for folks,” Goldberg told Trump, according to Mediaite. “Not all Mexican immigrants are murderers and rapists, I just want to straighten that up.”

Behar then took over, asking Trump if he is a “Democrat at heart?”

“I used to be a Democrat,” Trump admitted, adding that he switched parties just like Ronald Reagan did. “And now I’m a Republican, a conservative Republican, but with a very big heart.”

Despite Goldberg and Behar’s attempts, they were not able to bring Trump down. Instead, he managed to win over the audience by talking about how much he loves and respects women.

“I want to say that I will cherish women and I will protect women and I will take care of women and I have great respect for women,” he said, when he was asked to give a message to American women.

This wasn’t enough for Goldberg, however.

“The thing that we want you to do as we go into the rest of this run,” Goldberg barked, “is you’ve got to get a bit more informed in what’s going on in women’s issues.”

Trump calmly replied that he is actually very well informed, but that wasn’t enough for Goldberg.

“No, baby, I swear to you, Donald, you’re misinformed here,” she snapped back.

In the end, all Goldberg and Behar did was make themselves look like idiots. Thanks for making Trump even MORE popular, ladies!

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