Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Millions of Americans are currently struggling to survive thanks to the ridiculous laws put in place by Barack Obama. Though most Americans are struggling to simply feed their children, Obama is able to give his daughters every luxury they desire.

According to Daily Mail, Sasha and Malia skipped school yesterday to put on some extravagant dresses as they met Pope Francis. 14 year-old Sasha was spotted wearing a pleated colorblock skirt by expensive designer Kate Spade. Meanwhile, 17 year-old Malia wore a short-sleeved black top with a coordinating graphic print skirt.



The girls were there to greet the pope when he landed in Washington D.C. It’s a wonder the girls wanted to meet Pope Francis at all, considering the fact that their parents have undoubtedly raised them to have no respect for Christianity.

Then again, like most teenagers, the Obama girls would probably take any excuse they can to miss school!

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