Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A couple in Canada were horrified recently when they turned on their webcam to see a burglar in the act of robbing their vacation home in 2,000 miles away in Florida.

The couple had set up surveillance cameras in their home which were then linked to their computer’s webcam. According to Daily Mail, the couple immediately turned the tapes over to police on Saturday, leading to the arrest of Thomas Hinton less than 24 hours after the robbery.


The couple said that they turned on the webcam to see Hinton, 45, searching every part of their home. He eventually stole their daughter’s purse as well as a $700 television.


I immediately felt sick to my stomach,” the homeowner told reporters. “We could hear him going through all of the drawers and we could see him throwing clothing on the floor.”

“When I told Lee County that we had that, that was a big reason, I think, that they caught him,” she added, saying that she is now urging all homeowners to invest in security cameras. In fact, the homeowner called her cameras a “Godsend.”


Hinton has been charged with burglary and grand theft. He is currently in jail on $160,000 bond.

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