Thursday, September 17, 2015

When Bobbie-Louise Willis’s three year-old daughter Ella first developed a rash on her leg after returning home from visiting her father, the young mother hoped it would go away on it’s own. When it grew to 8 inches in diameter, however, Bobbie-Louise rushed her daughter to the hospital, and there doctors gave her some shocking news.

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“The day after it had tripled in size and looked like her leg was being eaten away,” Bobbie-Louise recalled, adding that it reached 8 inches in diameter at its largest. “I took her back to hospital as she was being sick and was really poorly. I was very worried, at first I thought it might be meningitis, so horrible thoughts were going through my head.”


According to Mad World News, Ella was eventually in so much pain that she wouldn’t let anyone touch her leg, and she had to be carried everywhere she went.

“It was horrible to see my daughter in that way,” the mother explained.


Finally, a skin specialist was able to figure out where the blister came from: it was actually a bite from a False Widow spider. The false widow spider is often described as “Britain’s most venomous arachnid.”

Ella was hospitalized and put on heavy antibiotics, but it took over a month for the blister to begin to heal and two months for it to go away. Though Ella has no permanent damage, she is now deathly afraid of spiders.


“I always used to put spiders outside, but after seeing what Ella went through I would definitely kill one straight away now,” Bobbie-Louise concluded.

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