Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Whoopi Goldberg has found herself in hot water once again this week after she went off on her bosses at The View using a slave dialect for her disturbing rant.

According to Daily Mail, there are new executives in charge at The View this year, and they’ve cut Whoopi out of the decision making for her precious “hot topics” segment by moving the meeting for it outside of her contracted hours. This made Whoopi VERY angry!

To voice her frustrations last week, Whoopi reportedly called herself a slave and spoke to the executives in a dialect once used by slaves in this country.

“She was out of control,” said a source at the show. “She paraded up and down the halls saying, ‘I’s a work for ABC who is my master. I’s a slave to ABC. It’s 12 Years a Whoopi at ABC.'”

“I’s just a n****r following orders around here, master!” Whoopi allegedly added.

Whoopi’s problems are mainly with Candi Carter, the new consulting producer on the talk show.

“Upset at the changes that Candi has implemented in the show, and not liking the way Candi speaks to the talent, Whoopi blew up a few days ago,” a source recounted. “She told Candi: ‘I don’t take orders from your a**. Stay in your lane like you did when you worked on The Oprah Winfrey Show.'”

When Candi moved the Hot Topics meeting from 9am to 8:30am, Whoopi lost it and reminded her, “I’m contractually obligated to be here at 9am and you won’t see me a minute earlier.”

Whoopi’s diva attitude has caused ABC to strongly consider firing her before her contract is even up at the end of the year.

“There’s now a buzz backstage that ABC is going to let Whoopi work for the months of her existing contract until December and then not have her return after the holiday break,” the source said. “They would then shift Joy [Behar] to the regular moderator post and bring back Sherri Shepherd full-time to pick up the slack.”

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