Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The World Health Organization recently revealed just how bad beef and pork are for your health. Well, now we have more bad news.

According to Water and Woods, Tilapia has some bad health effects.

Americans love Tilapia — it doesn’t have a fishy taste, and it’s easy to cook. It can be found at nearly any grocery store or restaurant.

But there’s a dark side to the fish… Water and Woods reported:

Wild tilapia eat a delicious diet of algae and various plants, but most of the tilapia in the store doesn’t come from the wild – they come from factory farms, where tilapia are fed an unnatural, unhealthy diet of GMO corn and soy pellets.

Farm-raised tilapia has been shown to cause aggravation in the body like asthma, joint inflammation, coronary disease, and a host of other problems.

Additionally, farmed fish contain ten times the normal amount of carcinogenic, or cancer causing agents as fish found in the wild. It’s no different for tilapia.

Another concern, is the high level of Dioxin in farmed fish. Dioxin is a lethal substance that, once in your system, can take up to a decade to leave your body. Dioxin levels are 11 times higher in farmed fish than in wild fish.

Perhaps it’s time to think twice before ordering Tilapia next time you dine out.

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