Monday, October 19, 2015

Thanks to Barack Obama and his ridiculous policies, millions of Americans are struggling to just survive right now. Instead of trying to help their people, however, the Obama instead choose to spend their time partying with the Hollywood elite.

In a truly sickening display of obliviousness, a video was released over the weekend of Barack and Michelle Obama singing “Happy Birthday” to the rapper Usher during a fancy event at the White House. According to The Root, Usher turned 37 on October 14, and the first couple surprised him with a pastry with a candle in it as they sang “Happy Birthday.”

“Happy birthday, dear Usher,” the president and his wife sang. “Happy birthday to you.”

The Obamas have always been more focused on their social standing in the entertainment world than on improving the lives of the American people. We need a president who will actually LEAD our country, not someone who’s going to party with rappers and Hollywood stars…

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