Thursday, October 22, 2015

Leading up to Hillary Clinton’s latest testimony about Benghazi today, the House Select Committee released roughly 1,300 pages of emails to and from Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was murdered in the 2012 terrorist attacks.

These emails blew the case against Hillary wide open, and could land the 2016 presidential hopeful in BIG trouble.

According to Conservative Tribune, one email showed the ambassador begging Hillary for more security in the dangerous region of Benghazi. Stevens said he needed at least 13 more security personnel, but the request was denied by Hillary’s then-deputy, Patrick Kennedy.

Hillary Clinton personally caused the deaths of four Americans in this attack by refusing this request, despite the 243 reported security incidents in Libya during 2012, including an assassination attempt on the British ambassador, an attack on the Red Cross, and a prior assault on the walls of the Benghazi diplomatic compound.


Instead of giving them more protection, Hillary left Stevens and his fellow Americans to fend for themselves. If she can’t even protect an embassy, how can we expect her to protect our country??

The bottomline is Hillary Clinton should NOT be in the White House. Instead, she should be in JAIL!

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