Friday, October 9, 2015

Over the past few months, countless women have come forward with claims that they were assaulted by legendary comedian Bill Cosby. The statute of limitations expiring on many of these cases meant that Cosby has not been taken to court to answer for his crimes: until now.

According to Conservative Tribune, Cosby lost his bid to prevent another civil lawsuit against him from moving forward this week. The details of this lawsuit will remain private until December.

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Judge Craig Karlan’s ruling means that Cosby will continue to be questioned under oath in the case of Judy Huth, who claims Cosby forced her to perform a “sex act” on him.

Huth is a former Playboy Bunny who claims Cosby attacked her in 1979 when she was working as a Bunny Manager at The Playboy Club in Chicago. She said Cosby lured her to his room promising they’d go out to dinner, and instead served her a mysterious drink.

“I don’t remember anything after I drank it,” Huth recounted, according to New York Daily News. “The next thing I knew it was 4 o’clock in the morning and I woke up naked with this disgusting man next to me.”

“There are a dozen former bunnies that I know of with similar stories, but they’re afraid to come forward,” she added.


“Let’s make it very simple,” Karlan ruled. “There is to be no mention or discussion of any party’s deposition until we have our hearing on Dec. 22.”

The deposition is scheduled for Friday and will be recorded. Once it’s done, both Cosby’s and Huth’s lawyers will negotiate over which parts of the depositions will be made public. Cosby will undoubtedly fight for nearly all of it to remain private, but millions of Americans will be hoping to hear as much of the deposition as they can.

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