Monday, October 19, 2015

The Obamas have taken freeloading to a whole new level during their time in the White House, as they have shamelessly spent millions of American tax dollars on funding their own lavish lifestyles.

Now, they have launched a new scheme to get themselves even more money, as they are now demanding Michelle Obama be given a salary for her first lady duties.

According to Mad World News, Barack Obama strongly “implied” that his wife should be given a salary during a recent discussion on the modern family structure and a woman’s role in the home. Here’s what Obama said:

“But this is an area that we’re going to have to spend more time on. And, by the way, I just want to emphasize this — this is not a women’s issue, this is a family issue. Women now bring in close to half of all income, and there are a whole lot of families out there where the woman is the primary breadwinner. And if Michelle is not being paid fairly, then that’s not helping me. I want her to get what she rightfully deserves. I want her being paid the same as a man doing the same job, because that is helping our family.

I will say, the First Lady is kind of a bad example, because the First Lady doesn’t get paid. And she works pretty hard. Obviously, we’re okay. (Laughter.)

But the truth is, this is a family issue. And also, by the way, more men, fathers — we just had Father’s Day a couple of days ago — more men want to be involved in their kids’ childhood as well. And so flexibility, family leave — those are all policies that are critically important to all of us.”

Americans everywhere are outraged about the prospect of Michelle being given a salary, and they took to the Youtube comments section to voice their frustrations.

“The taxpayer pays enough for her trips around the world. The President and their spouse should be considered a package deal. If Michelle wants more she needs to see that her husband gives it to her. We are done,” one viewer said via YouTube.

“It is a shame that most people commenting on here are clearly turning the Presidents words upside down. Well, it is a known fact that people hear what they wish to hear,” another viewer argued.

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