Thursday, October 1, 2015

Earlier today, we reported that another school shooting took place today in Oregon, and it claimed the lives of at least ten people. Within hours of the shooting, President Obama is already shamelessly using this tragedy to push his own ridiculous anti-gun agenda.

Not even five hours after the shooting occurred, Obama’s White House has already commented on it in an effort to push their anti-gun legislations.

“The president has been quite candid about how this is and has been a source of frustration for him,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said when he was told about the shooting. According to Breitbart, Earnest added the “vast majority of the American people” agreed with Obama on his gun control stances, and that a “fundamental change” is needed in this country.

This, of course, is a complete lie. Polls show that the vast majority of Americans strongly believe in their Second Amendment rights, and want Obama to stop trying to take away our constitutional rights.

In their rush to use this tragedy for their own gain, the Obama administration forgot to offer any kind of sympathy to the victims of this shooting and their family. Shame on you, Mr. President!

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