Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson is currently one of the frontrunners of the GOP presidential race, and his wife Candy Carson is already showing Michelle Obama what a truly classy first lady is really like.

According to The Political Insider, Candy Carson is already being called the “anti-Michelle Obama” because of her classy ways. Born to a teacher and a factory worker, Candy grew up poor in inner-city Detroit with her four siblings. Beating the odds, Candy earned a scholarship to Yale University where she majored in music, psychology and pre-med.

It was at Yale that she met her future husband, a Detroit native himself.

Feminists have praised Candy for the light-hearted jokes she makes at her husband’s expense. Unlike Michelle Obama, who whines about being a “busy single mother,” Candy takes pride in her role as her family’s matriarch.

The calling of a neurosurgeon isn’t easy to live out, and Ben has been required to go above and beyond the call of duty many times,” she wrote in her upcoming memoir A Doctor In The House.

“The life of a neurosurgeon’s wife isn’t much easier. But it’s all been worth it,” Candy added. “Together, we’ve been through poverty, tragedy, wealth, and joy, and I’ve come to love Ben more as each year has passed.”

Unlike Michelle Obama, Candy Carson is a role model for young women everywhere. We can’t wait for her to take over and show the world how classy an American first lady can REALLY be!

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