Friday, October 2, 2015

Casey Anthony scored a huge victory in court last week after a judge threw out a defamation lawsuit against her.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the lawsuit was filed by Zenaida Gonzalez, a woman who claimed she was defamed when Anthony accused a babysitter with a similar name of kidnapping her 2 year-old daughter Caylee in 2008.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Rodney May, however, said Anthony’s statements about the babysitter were never meant to hurt Gonzalez, adding that her description of the babysitter didn’t remotely match Gonzalez.

“There is nothing in the statement (or in the entire hour-long conversation on July 25, 2008) to support [Gonzalez’s] allegations that [Anthony] intended to portray [her] as a child kidnapper and potentially a child killer, or that [Anthony] intended to subject [her] to heightened police and media scrutiny,” May wrote.

This marks yet another court victory for Anthony, who was controversially acquitted of her daughter’s murder in 2011. Since then, she has remained out of the public eye, which is probably a good idea considering the vast majority of Americans firmly believe that she is guilty.

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