Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last Friday, FBI Director James Comey gave a bombshell speech at the University of Chicago Law School in which he slammed President Obama for his early release of drug traffickers and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the speech, Comey talked about his experience tackling the drug trade in 1990s Richmond, Virginia, and how perceived inequalities in policing have more to do with the neighborhoods where drug crimes happen than with police racism itself.

“Here in Chicago, just last month, more than 50 people were shot in just one weekend,” Comey told the audience, according to Conservative Tribune. “The next weekend, the numbers rose even higher. An 11-month-old boy was shot in the hip. His mother and grandmother were shot and killed right next to him. In cities across the country, we are seeing an explosion of senseless violence.”

“When I worked as a prosecutor in Richmond, Virginia, in the 1990s, that city, like so much of America, was experiencing horrific levels of violent crime,” the FBI director continued. “But to describe it that way obscures an important truth: For the most part, white people weren’t dying; black people were dying … if you were black and poor, it didn’t matter whether you were a player in the drug trade or not, because violent crime dominated your life, your neighborhood, your world.”

Comey then took a shot at Obama’s new drug sentencing initiatives that will release thousands of “non-violent” drug offenders on October 30.

“The notion of a ‘non-violent’ drug gang member would have elicited a tired laugh from a resident of Richmond’s worst neighborhoods,” Comey said. “Because the entire trade was a plague of violence that strangled Richmond’s black neighborhoods. The lookouts, runners, mill-workers, enforcers and dealers were all cut from the same suffocating cloth.”

His biggest swipe of all, however, was aimed at Black Lives Matter protesters.

“As we did that work, I remember being asked why we were doing so much prosecuting in black neighborhoods and locking up so many black men. After all, Richmond was surrounded by areas with largely white population,” Comey said.

“My answer was simple: We are there in those neighborhoods because that’s where people are dying. These are the guys we lock up because they are the predators choking off the life of a community,” he explained. “We did this work because we believed that all lives matter, especially the most vulnerable.”

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