Monday, October 12, 2015

Gennifer Flowers is a former mistress of Bill Clinton who is now a major thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton.

It was the Clintons’ fortieth wedding anniversary last week, and Hillary was doing everything she could to make it look like her marriage with Bill is right out of the storybooks. Unfortunately for her, however, women like Flowers are still around to reveal that this is far from the truth…


Flowers spoke out this week to say that though she has accepted responsibility for her 12 year affair with Bill Clinton, Hillary has “never accepted her responsibility at being an enabler.” She went on to say that she thinks discussing Bill’s affairs should be an important part of this presidential race, and that she has more proof of her relationship with the former president hidden away.

“Just because we are women doesn’t make our stories less important. Our stories should come back up with the circumstances, with Hillary running. It should come back to the forefront again,” Flowers said, according to Daily Mail.

The former mistress claims that she has a safety deposit box full of evidence of her affair with Bill that she has kept locked away due to the fact that her elderly mother is in very poor health.

“It’s something that he (Bill) is aware that I have and it’s probably the reason that I’m still around,” Flowers said on the AM970 The Answer show.


This revelation comes months after Flowers scoffed at the idea that Hillary is a patron of women’s rights.

“Woman’s rights. Ha!,” Flowers said. “Hillary never put up a shingle and worked for her clients and built her clientele. She always got things on the back of her husband. … I think it’s a joke that she would run on women’s issues.”

Women like Gennifer Flowers are surely causing Hillary to lose some sleep these days, as they can ruin her image as the “perfect wife” with a “perfect marriage.” We hope these women continue to reveal the truth about the Clinton marriage, and ensure that Hillary does not make it anywhere near the White House!

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