Friday, October 23, 2015

A man was hiking on an ancient path in Norway when he saw something strange underneath a pile of rocks. He had no idea that what he found was over a millennium old…

According to Mad World News, he came upon an incredibly well-preserved sword from the Viking era. Experts on the Hordland County Council say that the sword dates back to the year 750 A.D., making it over 1,200 years old.


“It’s quite unusual to find remnants from the Viking age that are so well-preserved … it might be used today if you sharpened the edge,” Conservator Per Morten Ekerhovd said, adding that the find is “quite extraordinary.”

Ekerhovd went on to say that because the mountains are covered in ice and snow for most of the year and lack humidity in the summer, the sword was able to stay in good condition.

The sword is about 30 inches long, a size that was meant as a status symbol due to the cost of extracting iron. For this reason, Ekerhovd believes it may have belonged to a wealthy traveller who either succumbed to the cold or had an accident on the mountainous trail.

The man who found the sword has since donated it to the University Museum of Bergen so that it can be preserved and studied.

“We are really happy that this person found the sword and gave it to us,” said Ekerhovd. “It will shed light on our early history. It’s a very (important) example of the Viking age.”

What a find!

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