Friday, October 23, 2015

The Obama administration has been stubbornly insisting that they have secured the U.S.-Mexico border, but what just happened there proves that they haven’t done this at all.

According to American News, dozens of illegal aliens were just caught crossing the border into Texas, and they are now being held in a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processing center. In a disturbing twist, these detainees are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, leading many to question whether they could be terrorists.

Over fifty of these detainees have now started a hunger strike to protest their detainment, with many of them refusing “to eat or drink water.”

Nasir Uddin, a detainee from Bangladesh who was released a few days ago, immediately went to the media to slam the detention center. He claims that the group travelled to South America and then Juarez, Mexico before crossing the border, and that he was coming here to seek asylum.

“We are not criminals and they don’t have any proof of criminals,” Uddin told reporters, adding that they were not jailed for a valid reason. He seems to be conveniently forgetting the fact that they are ILLEGALS!

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