Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jodi Arias is currently serving her life sentence in the Perryville Prison in Arizona for the murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander, but new reports have revealed that prison life is far from difficult for the murderess…

According to Radar Online, Arias has a nice TV in her cell, and she enjoys watching the news and Telenovelas to keep up with her Spanish. She is slowly getting her security relaxed, and after spending months in the maximum security prison, she doesn’t need to wear full restraints anymore.

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Sources say that Arias was recently spotted wearing a brand new pair of white tennis shoes, indicating that she is receiving gifts from her loyal supporters. She is also able to stay cool in the Arizona heat with the help of some of her guards.

“She also has a Styrofoam ice chest that the guards will fill with ice. And if she points her fan into the ice chest, she gets a nice bit of chilled, cool air!” a post on her supporter site,, read.

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Arias reportedly spends much of her free time either at church or taking self defense classes. She is able to visit with a pre-approved list of family and friends for three hours each Thursday.

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Many are outraged that Arias is leading such a cushy life in prison, considering the fact that she barely escaped the death penalty. Regardless of how she is living in jail, at least we do not need to worry about her ever being out on the streets again.

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