Thursday, October 22, 2015

Liberal activists are demanding that a Thomas Jefferson statue be removed from the University of Missouri because it is “racist” and “sexist.”

Feminists and #BlackLivesMatter protesters alike had previously defaced the statue at the university using post-it notes that said things like “Racist,” “Rapist,” and “Slave Owner.”


Patriotic students responded by holding a “Stand With Jefferson” rally, and the students who participated this are not being targeted with online attacks.

“…A black girl got the nerve to have been in the picture and sign the petition #UncleTom,” Kennedyxpress tweeted targeting Jasmine Wells, an African American student who posed with the statue for a photo.


According to Infowars, Wells responded by saying that her political beliefs have nothing to do with her race.

“For a movement that wants to end racism on campus, their response to the event and my participation in it, I felt, was very racist and hurtful,” she told Campus Reform’s Chris Nuelle.

Twitter activist joviallie claimed that Wells and her friends were, “fighting for a slave-owning rapist’s statue instead of fighting for the actual rights of actual people on campus,” which is strange considering that Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence, which guaranteed Americans a litany of freedoms.


A young woman who describes herself as a “radical feminist” went so far as to say that, “our Founding Fathers are a symbol of racism, genocide and colonization.”

“It’s more than just a statue, it’s a symbol of racism, genocide, colonialism and sexism,” she tweeted.

Fortunately, there are still young students who respect our founding fathers and all that they did for us.

“Mizzou was the first university built within the Louisiana Purchase and the quad was literally modeled after Jefferson’s design for the University of Virginia,” Tristan H. pointed out in the “Stand With Jefferson” Facebook group. “So what do they want next? Should the university also change the design of the quad because that is apparently offensive and ‘creating an unwelcoming environment.’”


It’s sickening that our founding fathers are now being attacked by idiot liberals on a regular basis. We can only hope that Americans continue to honor the men who founded this country, and don’t let their memory be disrespected.

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