Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last week, we reported that Malia Obama had been caught on camera drinking alcohol and playing beer pong during a visit to Brown University.

One week later, Brown has been forced to apologize to Malia in their student newspaper, despite the fact that it’s her who should be apologizing for breaking the law on their campus…


Here is an excerpt of Brown’s apology, courtesy of

Some of the tweets include photographs of her that were clearly taken when she was not looking. Many of them mention her presence at a party, where she was seen taking shots and playing beer pong.

We often do not think about our tweets and Snapchats reaching anyone besides our friends and followers, and certainly not news outlets with wide circulation like Buzzfeed. Many Brown students were surprised and embarrassed to see themselves cited in the articles, as other Brown students posted them on Facebook with disappointed captions that criticized their peers for not simply leaving the 17-year-old alone on her college visit.

It is a shame that Malia was unable to visit Brown and enjoy herself at a party without several news headlines coming out about it the next day. While it is understandable that so many students were excited about her visit, it is likely that few of us would enjoy having strangers take pictures of us while we were unaware and post them on the Internet.

Frankly, this apology has the White House written all over it. Clearly, Michelle and Barack Obama threatened Brown in some way and forced them to issue an apology for “outting” their daughter’s lawbreaking ways. Any good parent would force their teenage daughter to apologize for consuming alcohol underage, but the Obamas are not good parents. Instead, they believe that Malia can do no wrong, and that anyone who exposes her for breaking the law is the enemy.

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