Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The members of the British royal family are known as some of the classiest people in the world. Unfortunately for Prince Harry, he was forced to meet with Michelle Obama today, and the first lady managed to humiliate both herself and our country in a truly ridiculous way.

Michelle met with Prince Harry for a tour of the USO Warrior and Family Center at the Fort Belvoir military base in Fairfax County, Virginia today, and during the speech, she embarrassed the prince by telling the crowd how hot he is.

“All right, ladies, Prince Harry is here,” she said, clearly hitting on him. “Don’t act like y’all don’t know!”

According to US Weekly, Prince Harry was able to ignore Michelle’s classlessness and instead focused his speech on the troops.

“I am in no doubt that my two deployments to Afghanistan changed the direction of my life,” he said. “There is very little that can truly prepare you for the reality of war. The experiences can be stark and long lasting.”

“Returning to the UK after my first deployment, I shared the flight home with three critically injured British soldiers, all in induced comas, and the body of a Danish soldier, killed in action,” Harry continued. “It hit me then that this flight was one of many, carrying home men and women whose lives would be changed forever, and some who had made the ultimate sacrifice. From that moment, I knew I had a responsibility to help all veterans, who had made huge personal sacrifices for their countries, to lead healthy and dignified lives after service.”

We applaud Prince Harry for taking the high road. Michelle Obama should be ashamed of herself…

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