Tuesday, October 20, 2015

There’s nothing Michelle Obama loves to do more than tell Americans how to raise their children. Unfortunately for her, her own daughters haven’t exactly been behaving themselves lately…Perhaps she should focus more on them instead of bossing us around about OUR children!

Yesterday, Michelle was exposed as a hypocrite when she gave a speech in which she gave parents “tips” for talking to their children. According to People, here are Michelle’s Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to communicating with American teenagers:

1. Email is (or may as well be) dead.
“Don’t waste your time trying to connect with your kids via email,” she said. “That antiquated method is as useless as Morse code. Instead, they’re into texting, and Snapchat and Vine – all that stuff.”

2. Keep it short and sweet.
“Don’t make the mistake of responding to a text using full sentences with proper grammar and punctuation. Whenever I do that my kids always think I’m mad at them,” she said, to laughter from the crowd. “It’s like, ‘What did I do, Mom? Why are you using sentences?’ They prefer very – and I mean very – short responses; one word – better yet, a few letters.”

3. Never underestimate the power of emojis.
“If you really want to get their attention, use symbols, little symbols,” Obama advised. “There’s the smiley face, the angry face, and all the other faces that can show any emotion that you may be feeling.”

4. TV is out, touch screens are in.
“You may have noticed that instead of watching TV, your kids are on YouTube. And they don’t just want to watch a screen, they want to swipe it, and poke it, create their own content on it.”

“So it’s no wonder why Generation Z-ers have short attention spans,” she added. “They usually stop listening to us after about six seconds. Their eyes just glaze over as we blather on and on. We think we’re getting into them, but they’ve shut us off minutes ago.”

5. Gen Z-ers want to DIY.
“Generation Z is a do-it-yourself kind of generation,” the First Lady said. “These kids are working hard, and they are entrepreneurial, and they want content that’s authentic and raw – nothing polished, nothing packaged.”

“If we truly want to engage this generation in a conversation about higher education, we need to give them a space where they can drive that conversation themselves.”

Before you take Michelle Obama’s advice, you should probably remember what her own daughters were photographed doing this past week. A few days ago, 17 year-old Malia was photographed playing beer pong and taking shots with her friends. Over the weekend, 14 year-old Sasha was pictured in a skimpy outfit with her boyfriend. Perhaps at 14 she is old enough to date, but she is DEFINITELY not old enough to be wearing an outfit like that with a boy…



Michelle needs to STOP telling us to raise our kids, and START setting boundaries for her own girls.

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