Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yesterday, a Palestinian Muslim tried to carry out a terrorist attack in Israel when he stabbed a police officer in Jerusalem. Unfortunately for the radical Muslim, his plan didn’t work out so well…

According to Conservative Tribune, 22 year-old Muhammad Shmasanah stabbed an Israeli Defense Forces soldier and tried to steal his gun, but that’s when things began to go south for the proud Muslim. Passerby Yair Ben Shabat saw the attack, and thinking fast, he managed to jump on the bus and subdued Shmansanah using a pair of nunchucks he pulled out of his belt.

“I took nunchucks out and hit him where I had to for them to be able to pry loose the weapon he held,” Shabat recounted. Shabat’s quick thinking gave police the time they needed to shoot Shmasanah dead. Had this occurred in the U.S., Obama and his minions would be trying to put Shabat in jail for murder. However, since it happened in another country, the brave citizen is being hailed as a hero.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.16.43 AM

Sadly, this was the fourth attack of it’s kind in Israel on Monday. However, since the Israelis recently smeared the body of a Muslim terrorist with pork, we’re expecting to see a dramatic decrease in attacks in that nation as the week goes on.

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