Monday, October 26, 2015

Throughout his presidency, Obama has made it clear that he wants to ban as many Christian holidays as he can. The president plans to replace these special days with “politically correct” holidays that commemorate his various agendas.

Now, Obama’s Department of Education has ordered American schools to dedicate a full week to illegal immigrants, calling this celebration “undocumented immigrant awareness day.”

According to Conservative Tribune, the White House released a document last week telling schools ways they can make illegal aliens feel more “welcome.” These “suggestions” include an “Undocumented Week” and “an undocumented immigrant awareness day.”

The document pointed out that 65,000 illegals graduate from high school in America every year, and it gave teachers a series of tips on how they can “support” these students.

It’s sickening that teachers are now being forced to bend over backwards to make illegal aliens feel welcome in their classrooms. Instead of making them feel “welcome,” we should be throwing them out of our country and promoting LEGAL immigration!

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