Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween is right around the corner, and President Obama has marked this occasion by releasing a sickening list of recommended “green-energy-related” Halloween costumes for children.

According to Conservative Tribune, the list was topped by an “energy vampire” costume that is meant to symbolize the way common electronic devices such as phones, clocks and appliances consume energy even when they aren’t being used.

“This Halloween, unplug all the unused phone chargers in your house and attach them to yourself for a costume that will fill your friends with terror while saving you money,” Obama’s Department of Energy wrote in what is perhaps the dumbest blog post ever.


Next on the list was a solar panel costume. What child wants to dress up as a solar panel??

“Halloween may be dark and spooky, but you can bring some (renewable) energy to the party as a sleek, shiny photovoltaic solar panel,” the department wrote.


Other Halloween costume ideas include article accelerator and a wind turbine. A WIND TURBINE!



The most disturbing of all Obama’s ideas was the suggestion that children dress up as Energy Secretary Ernez Moniz, who negotiated Obama’s terrible nuclear deal with Iran.


It’s ridiculous that our president is actually expecting children to wear these costumes. No wonder other countries don’t take us seriously anymore!

What do you think about these costume ideas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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