Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson appeared on the liberal talk show The View this morning, and while he was there, the idiot hosts tried to humiliate him about his gun control stances.

Unfortunately for them, their efforts failed miserably.

At the beginning of his interview, one of the hosts confronted Carson about comments he made last week about arming Kindergarten teachers.

“If I had a little kid in kindergarten somewhere would feel much more comfortable if I knew on that campus there was a police officer or somebody who was trained with a weapon. I would feel more comfortable,” Carson said in a new interview with USA Today’s Capital Download. “If the teacher was trained in the use of that weapon and had access to it, I would be much more comfortable if they had one than if they didn’t.”

The women of The View tried to force Carson to scoff at or back down from his comments, but he refused to do anything of the kind.

“You obviously are not going to have a weapon sitting on the teacher’s desk, but be secured in a place where kids cannot get to it,” Carson told the liberal women, according to ABC News.

Carson went on to say that he wants teachers to be trained to protect their students from crazed gunmen, should it be necessary. This matches comments he has made in the past in which he said that gun control laws would not solve anything.

“You’re not going to handle it with more gun control,” Carson said at campaign events last week. “Gun control only works for normal law abiding citizens, it doesn’t work for crazies.”

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