Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Over the weekend, we reported on the heartbreaking story that country music singer Joey Feek is ceasing treatments after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

At the time, Joey and her husband/music partner Rory had cancelled all their upcoming tour dates so that they can spend what time she has left together as a family. Earlier this week, however, they clarified this with a stunning announcement that has left their fans all over the country very excited.

According to the Joey and Rory Facebook page, the couple has NOT canceled at the Heber Valley Poetry Gathering on October 29th and 30th. Though their November and December concert dates have all been cancelled, the couple will still be performing on these last two dates.

Their manager Aaron made the announcement on their behalf with the following statement:

Joey+Rory’s upcoming concerts at the Heber Valley Poetry Gathering on October 29th and 30th have not been cancelled!

Though all of the November and December farmhouse concerts at Joey and Rory’s farm in Tennessee have been cancelled in order to honor Joey as she rests and recovers at home…. Rory (along with his daughter Heidi) will be traveling to Utah to perform at the Heber Valley Gathering because the couple made this committment with their wonderful friends at the festival nearly a year ago and this event’s success means a great deal to both of them. They have performed there many times in the past and it is one of their favorite places to play.

So, if you live near Salt Lake City or can make the trip there… please come join Rory as he shares many songs and some heartfelt stories about the blessings and also the difficult struggles that have come Joey and his way.

Below is the schedule for Rory’s performances… and while you’re there, be sure to purchase a ticket to some of the other incredible acts performing this weekend as well. It is truly going to be a weekend to remember.

Thank you for your love and support,

(JOEY+RORY’s manager)

We’re happy to see that the Feeks are planning to do some final concerts together, and we will continue to pray for their family during this difficult time!

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