Friday, October 23, 2015

When this pregnant mother stepped onto the dance floor, nobody expected her to do this!

According to Q Political, Christina Litle is a mother of three who is 27 weeks pregnant with her fourth child. When you watch the video below, however, you’ll forget that she’s carrying a child!

Watch as Litle dances hip hop like a non-pregnant professional. Many have slammed Litle for dancing like this when she’s pregnant, but she has revealed to her skeptics that it’s actually completely safe to remain physically active during pregnancy.

Here’s what Litle has to say to her haters:

“Let me preface this video with, I’ve danced my whole life. I’m not hurting my baby… the baby is not getting “shaken baby syndrome” and no… the child is not experiencing whiplash. For those who insist they “know” I was in pain doing this and hurting myself, this didn’t “hurt” in the least, and I wasn’t “injured” after doing this dance. This is my third baby, and I taught dance up to nearly delivering with both of my daughters. They came out healthy and perfect. I do what I know my body can handle. I’m pregnant… not disabled. I encourage all women to remain active during their pregnancies… it only benefits you and your baby more and more! STAY HEALTHY! HAVE FUN!”

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