Monday, October 26, 2015

When they came upon this old rundown cottage, they never expected to find this inside!

Toby Batchelor was curious when he came upon the house, which he would later nickname the “Crooked Cottage.” According to American Overlook, Batchelor is an urban explorer who is dedicated to “closely examining and understanding the inner workings of our constructed world, of seeing civic society in its real, raw, unpainted, unplastered and unprettied state.”

“In the field of urban exploration it doesn’t get better than something like this,” Batchelor said of the cottage. He walked in to the home to find the bed still made, a dresser full of clothes, and various family photos.

After doing some research on the home, Batchelor found that a woman had lived there with her father until he died in 1971. She continued to live there on her own until 2003, when she was brought to a nursing home and the cottage was left abandoned.

When the woman died, she had no family left to collect her belongings, so they remained in the home undisturbed.

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