Thursday, October 1, 2015

Donald Trump has been the frontrunner in the GOP presidential race for months now, but despite the constant spotlight on him, his wife Melania has stayed largely out of the public eye. Now, Donald has revealed new details about who his wife is, and why she hasn’t actively begun campaigning for him yet.

During an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Trump was asked if the public can expect to see Melania on the campaign trail anytime soon.

“I think very much so,” Trump replied, according to Mediaite. “She’s very much into the whole women’s health issues.”

“I think she’ll be amazing and I think Ivanka’s going to be amazing,” Trump added, referring to his daughter, who has been way more present on the campaign trail than her mother.

Melania appeared on the cover of People Magazine this week along with her husband and 12 year-old son Barron, and in an interview for the publication, she said that she is, “not ready to get political yet.”

“My husband is traveling all the time,” she said, according to CNN. “Barron needs somebody as a parent, so I am with him all the time.”

Melania went on to say that even if she was on the campaign trail, there’s probably not much she could do to advise her husband.

“He is who he is,” she said of her husband. “Even if you give him advice, he will maybe take it in, but then he will do it the way he wants to do it. You cannot change a person. Let them be. Let them be the way they are.”

The former model went on to say that the campaign is a “long road” and that she’s taking things “day by day.”

“My husband has a lot of people cheering for him,” Melania concluded. “We will see.”

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