Monday, October 19, 2015

During his time as president, Barack Obama has been trying to get as many Americans on welfare as he can. He wants the American people to depend on him for money so that they submit to his will, and as a result, there are now millions of people on welfare in this country.

Unfortunately for them, many of these welfare kings and queens are about to get a HUGE wakeup call.

According to Opposing Views, food stamp enrollment is expected to drop by one million in 2016 due to stricter rules that are being put in place. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities claims that states will have to reimpose requirements that people who don’t have a disability or have any dependents must either enroll in job training or work at least 20 hours a week to get food stamps.

Ed Bolen of the CBPP expects food stamp enrollment to drop dramatically once these rules are put in place.

“It is going to be an additional number of people losing benefits in 2016, even with normal caseload dynamics,” Bolen said.

“The loss of benefits will likely increase hardship for these one million unemployed Americans who rely upon SNAP to meet their basic nutritional needs,” Bolen continued, according to The Huffington Post. “With Congress unlikely to act, states need to begin planning for the reduction to ensure that clients and the many organizations and SNAP stakeholders that work with them are aware of the upcoming change and its effects.”

Sorry, Obama-loving freeloaders, but not even Barry can save you now!

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