Monday, November 16, 2015

Days after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, chaos still reigns supreme in France…

A group of conservative protesters are in hot water this week after they stormed a candlelight vigil for the Paris terror victims. According to Daily Mail, they stormed the vigil with signs that said things like “Out the Muslims” and “Throw Out Islamists.” They set off flares and chanted hours after Front National leader Marine Le Pen declared that the French people are “no longer safe” and demanded France take back control of their border.

“We are living the horror. The centre of France was struck by an exceptional barbarity,” le Pen said. “It was an escalation of Islamist terrorism and the sixth time this year that Islamists have attacked our country.”

Despite the fact that the conservative protesters were clearly right – France SHOULD be kicking out as many Muslims as they can right now – they ended up being chased out of the vigil by members of the Human Rights League who screamed “get out fascists.”

Not to say “we told you so,” but conservatives have been warning of the dangers Muslim “refugees” pose for months now. Right now, France and the world in general should be rallying behind these conservative principles to make their countries safe again. We’ve seen what listening to liberals accomplishes, it’s now time to listen to the conservatives…

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