Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Boy Scouts organization is facing heavy pressure to submit to the Obama agenda of “equality” by allowing girls to join their ranks.

Up until now, the Boy Scouts have been allowed by Federal Title IX law to exclude girls, but that all may be about to change. According to Breitbart, five girls in California are pressuring local Boy Scout leaders to let them join, saying they have found the Girl Scouts to be “boring.” The girls say that gay marriage, boys being allowed to pee in the girl’s bathroom, and gays in the Boy Scouts all point to a changing society that signifies girls should be allowed in the Boy Scouts.

The girls have formed a group of their own called The Unicorns, and their uniforms bare a strong resemblance to that of the Boy Scouts. They been allowed to participate in Boy Scout camporees in recent months, and they claim to have placed second in one competition.

“We can do the same things boys can do..there’s no really ‘girl things’ or ‘boy things’,” one of the girls said.

The girls were banned from competing with the boys after parents complained they were being given too large a role in the Boy Scouts. Despite this, they submitted applications to join the Boy Scouts at a recent meeting. They were then told these applications would be forwarded to the national office.

“I’d like to see them standing up like they did for the gay scouts and gay leaders,” said ringleader Allie Westover, 13.

What do you think about girls joining the Boy Scouts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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