Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Since ISIS first came onto the scene, President Obama has dismissed them and refused to do anything to fight them. Clearly, this has made the U.S. into a joke in the terrorist group’s eyes, because they have just released a new video in which they mock America in a truly disgusting way.

According to Daily Mail, the latest video mocks the suicide rates of U.S. soldiers, and taunts America by saying “bring it on” before adding “your numbers only increase us in faith.” The video points out that 6,500 U.S. troops commit suicide every year, a statistic that was clearly meant to rattle America.


The narrator goes on to say that ISIS is “counting your banners,” meaning it is counting the flag in the international coalition that has rallied against the terrorist group. ISIS calls this coalition a “coalition of devils.”

“Our prophet said [they] would reach 80 in number and then the flames of war will finally burn you on the hills of death,” the narrator continues. “Gather your allies. Plot against us and show us no respite. Our ally is the greatest. He is Allah and all glory goes to him.”

The footage concludes with the narrator claiming that ISIS “sows fear” into U.S. soldiers’ hearts and that America is “too weak” to actually put boots on the ground.

Clearly, ISIS is no longer taking America seriously thanks to the cowardly actions of Barack Obama. This will only leave us even more vulnerable to attack from the deadly terrorist group.

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