Monday, November 30, 2015

On Friday, the country was stunned when yet another mass shooting took place, this time at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado.

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, barged into the complex and killed three people before surrendering to police. Unsurprisingly, Obama wasted no time in shamelessly using this tragedy to promote his own gun-grabbing agenda.

According to Yahoo News, less than 24 hours after the shooting, Obama declared that “enough is enough” as he called for stricter gun control laws to halt “easy accessibility of weapons of war” to “people who have no business wielding them.”

Since liberals are so up in arms that their precious Planned Parenthood was targeted this time, this could finally be the tragedy Obama needs to destroy the Second Amendment.

“We need to call the threats of violence and the intimidation of health care providers and patients what it is — domestic terrorism,” Karen Middleton, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, said in a statement. “More public officials in Colorado and across the country, not just advocacy groups and the people on the frontlines, need to take a stand opposing domestic terrorism and supporting women’s health.”

We can only pray that Obama fails in this endeavor, and that the Second Amendment stays as strong as it always has…

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