Thursday, November 12, 2015

A bombshell new book has just come out that makes a series of disturbing claims about Casey Anthony and the murder of her 2 year-old daughter Caylee.

The upcoming book Privilege Waived – Part II, Caylee Marie Anthony was written by private investigator Dominic Casey, who was fired by the Anthony family five months after Caylee’s death in 2008. Casey’s findings are both shocking and disturbing…

“On the afternoon of Monday, June 16, 2008, Casey Anthony murdered Caylee in the family’s backyard, above ground pool,” Casey wrote, according to Daily Mail.

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Daily Mail describes what happened next, according to Casey:

At 2.51pm on June 16, Casey conducted a google search for ‘fool proof suffocation’ and then visited a pro-suicide website on the computer at her parent’s house.

‘Venturing into the pro suicide-pit’, a website, offered advice on foolproof ways to die.

She followed that search up with suffocation by placing a plastic bag over your head.

Another google search was: Heated Wires can melt disposable breathing circuits.

And then she checked in on her Facebook page.

Between 3:39:59 pm and 4:10:41 pm, there was no cellular activity on Casey’s cell phone.

‘Casey had changed Caylee into her bathing suit. She walked her into the backyard and hooked the ladder onto the pool platform. Casey guided Caylee up the ladder to the pool then maliciously drowned her’.


‘She then carried her lifeless body in her arms from the pool, through the side gate to the garage and into the trunk of the car’ – where she remained for five days.

Casey changed her clothing and pushed her hair up into a baseball cap. She made a flurry of cellular calls to cover up where she had been and left her parents house. She inadvertently left the ladder hooked onto the pool platform and the side gate leading to the garage.

The evil and cold-hearted mother drove away from her parent’s residence in Orlando, Florida, with the body of her little girl in the trunk of her car.

Caylee was inside of two black garbage bags along with her Winnie the Pooh blanket.

The inner bag was untied and the outer was ‘left cinched’ tied using one knot with a single loop and two loose ends.

This was then placed inside a canvas laundry bag that had canvas straps for carrying which Casey used to carry her to the trunk.

By the fifth night, ‘body fluids had leaked out from the black garbage bags into the laundry bag, the trunk and onto Mama Doll, Casey’s clothes, her black boots and the white trash bag’.

The nauseating odor was sickening even to Casey who drove to a utility easement in a nearby neighborhood three minutes away. The easement, accessed by utility employees checking meters, is adjacent to a swampy lot where many black garbage bags had been dumped.


‘She walked south 20′ along the utility easement then literally threw Caylee’s body down inside of the swampy lot. She returned to her car and drove off.’

Her next action was to call her friend Amy Huizenga and tell her, ‘It smells like something died in my car’.

Before disposing of the body, Casey carried on a massive charade of cellular activity to cover up her multiple lies about her fake job, her fictitious friends, a fictitious nanny –her fantasy social and sexual life without the burden of a two year child.

Casey was playing out her life without Caylee.

Unfortunately, thanks to double jeopardy laws, Casey Anthony can’t be tried again for murdering her daughter. She will, however, face her judgement day when she eventually comes face to face with God…

What do you think about Dominic Casey’s claims? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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