Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson raised five beautiful children of their own to become good Christian people. Now, they are offering other parents a piece of advice that will help them raise their kids.

According to Christian Today, the Robertsons pointed out that parenting today is tough because children are so technologically savvy that they are exposed to many inappropriate things. Because of this, they are now urging parents to monitor the technology their children uses.

“It’s one of the biggest problems, I think, today. Parents not there, they’re working, they’re doing something, and they don’t realise the technology. It’s super scary,” Willie told ET Online.

“What are they learning? What are the messages that are being given to them about what’s important in life?” his wife Korie added. “The people that they look up to that are supposedly in the spotlight and getting all the attention, are they people of value? Are they what you want to be when you grow up?”

Korie went on to say that she limits her children’s internet usage and blocks them from watching certain movies and TV shows.

“We’re not isolationists by any means,” clarified Willie. “I went to a public school. I was exposed to a lot of things and you get strong and you learn how to function in the world. They’re gonna be dumped into the world at 18 and have to deal with it in on their own, so we explain things and the key there is how we live our lives… and explain that it may not be best for us, but we’re not gonna judge other people.”

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