Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Many women are concerned with the appearance of their necks. Even women who are physically active can have an issue with sagging skin on their necks as we often overlook exercising our neck muscles.

Toning up your neck muscles can help solve the problem of what is often described as “turkey neck.” If muscles aren’t used, they sag. But, firming and toning your muscles can have great results and help alleviate this issue.

Facial yoga can help. It may look like simply making funny faces, but these exercises can have a dramatic impact on your neck. This also can have an anti-aging effect. And they are so simple that you can do them while watching TV, working at your computer or even driving.

Leading facial yoga expert Danielle Collins will show you some simple exercises that can help solve the age old issue of sagging necks.

Will you try out these exercises? Please share your tips.


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