Friday, November 6, 2015

An Imgur user who goes by the online name Kelfezond recently bought a boa constrictor out of Wolverhampton, England. After the snake travelled 340 miles to his home, he named it Pandora, but that’s when things got messy…

According to Mad World News, all was going well at first, but then Pandora stopped eating.

“No matter what I offered her to eat she wouldn’t touch it. Mice? Nope. Rats? Nope. Guinea Pigs? Nope. Chicken? Nope. Pheasant? Nope,” he said.

One morning not long after that, Kelfezond found the nightmarish reason for his snake’s hunger strike. He looked over to her cage to see 36 baby snakes, a sight that can only be described as creepy. Apparently, she had given birth in the night.


“[W]ho knew snakes could have live births?” he recounted. “I always thought they all laid eggs! Turns out I was wrong and Boa Constrictors are one of the few snakes that do have live-born babies, so now I was stuck with 36 baby snakes inside her cage.”

Since Kelfezond claims that Pandora had not been around a male snake, he refers to this as a “seemingly virgin birth.” Later, he learned that they man he had bought Pandora from kept her in a cage with a male, but he never told Kelfezond that.

Kelfezond gathered the snakes and placed them into separate cages before finding them each their own homes. He now looks back on the experience fondly.

“All in all the babies were with me for about two months until I managed to find them all homes,” he wrote. “They left me with a love for breeding snakes, a hole in my wallet and a great story to tell people about Pandora.”

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