Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Many people that are diagnosed with a serious illness would give anything to have discovered their sickness sooner. Catching serious sicknesses early greatly increases your chances of recovering, and in this video, you’ll learn a screening method that may just save your life.

According to Mad World News, thyroid cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer out there today, with 62,450 new cases diagnosed in 2015 alone. Luckily, this simple screening technique may help you catch thyroid cancer early, and it can be done right in your own home!

“The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck,” according toLittle Things. “Hormones produced by the thyroid affect all parts of the body, from your metabolism and temperature, to your heartbeat and energy levels.”

A thyroid either functions at a normal level, an overactive level (produces too much thyroid hormone), or underactive level (produces too little thyroid hormone).

All you need to determine the health of your thyroid is a glass of water and a mirror. Tilt your head back as you stand in front of the mirror, take a sip from the water, and swallow. As the water goes down your throat, watch your reflection for any bulging or swelling. You should be focusing on your lower neck, right above your collarbone.

If you see something unusual, don’t panic right away. This might be a goiter (a lump in your thyroid) or your thyroid might simply be enlarged.  If it is indeed cancer, catching it early will greatly help your diagnosis.

“No cancer is safe and thyroid cancer is no exception,” explained thyroid cancer specialist Park Cheong-soo, according to Korea Times. “Thyroid cancer may not be dangerous for the first five to 10 years after diagnosis but it can suddenly become life-threatening as it spreads to other parts of the body.”

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