Monday, November 23, 2015

Check your wallet for these $1. If you have one, it may just make you thousands of dollars!

According to, bills with these serial numbers are worth a lot more than their face values. Here are the serial number combinations you should check for, courtesy of American Overlook:

  • 7 repeating digits in a row on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 09999999, 77777776)
  • 7 of a kind on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 00010000, 99999099)
  • Super repeaters on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 67676767)
  • Double quads on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 00009999)

Check the top right and bottom left corners of the bills for those combinations. is currently selling the bill below for a whopping $700!


You can find the full list of bills would buy from you right here. Now, go check your wallets!

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