Thursday, November 5, 2015

A father in the U.K. was livid this week when a KFC restaurant refused to serve him a BBQ Bacon Boss Box Meal because it’s “not halal.”

Steve Mitchell, 45, went to the KFC branch after seeing an ad for the bacon meal, but was stunned when employees told him they did not serve it there because they only serve halal food. He was later able to get the meal at another KFC four miles away.

“I’m disgusted that we couldn’t get the fast food we requested in the first restaurant and even more disgusted that I had to drive the extra miles to get the meal,” he recounted, according to Breitbart. “I don’t recall seeing anything advertising that the Foresters Park site wasn’t serving this meal due to halal beliefs. On the way to the site from Spider Island, down Osmaston Park Road, there is even a huge poster on the side of a bus stop advertising the [bacon box] meal.”

KFC tried to clarify what happened in a statement.

“We have ensured that an alternative non-halal restaurant is nearby to satisfy all of our fans,” a KFC spokesman said. “The Derby Foresters Park KFC is the only halal restaurant in the area, and the nearest non-halal restaurant is two miles away at the Derby Intu centre.”

This is just the latest example in a long line of fast food restaurants catering to Muslims in ridiculous ways. If we don’t stop this soon, bacon could be banned from the entire western world!

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