Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Over the course of the last year, Malia Obama has been acting out in a major way. Recently, the 17 year-old was caught drinking and partying during a trip to Brown University, and sources now say Malia’s wild streak is taking a toll on her parents’ marriage.

The First Lady and the President got into a screaming match over it, each blaming the other for letting their underage daughter attend a wild drinking party,” a political source told the National Enquirer. “Barack yelled at Michelle and blamed her for letting Malia get out of control!”

“He told Michelle in no uncertain terms she needed to rein in Malia and make sure this doesn’t happen again!” the source continued, adding that Michelle refused to back down. “Michelle snapped back at Barack, saying he’s a fine one to talk — after repeatedly admitting to smoking a ton of marijuana with his high school buddies!”

This isn’t the first time Michelle and Barack have publicly disagreed about Malia. Barack is reportedly livid about Malia’s plans to go into modeling, while Michelle loves the idea.

“But Barack is horrified Malia is talking about a career on the catwalk,” said a Washington, D.C. insider. “He’s always wanted both of his daughters to have traditional professions – like lawyers or doctors!”

“Michelle loves the glamour of the fashion world,” the insider added, “and she thinks Malia could even be a movie star!”

Clearly, the Obama marriage isn’t as strong as they would like us to believe…

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